How To Run Xampp ON 64 bit Machine – Ubuntu

Saturday, 1. December 2012

If you have tried to install and run xampp on a 64 bit machine you will undoubtely come across an error such as this when you launch the contorol panel.

XAMPP is currently only availably as 32 bit application. Please use a 32 bit compatibility library for your system.

The quick solution is to install the ia32-libs library which in general – it allows 32bit apps to run on 64 bit systems.

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

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Error importing pygtk2 and pygtk2-libglade

Saturday, 1. December 2012

If you have been stressing with this type of error

Error importing pygtk2 and pygtk2-libglade

While launching xampp control panel – this snipper maybe of help to you.

Simply install the pygtk2-libglade library and all should hopefull be OK for you. The command you nee is:

sudo apt-get install python-glade2


reset XAMPP MySQL root password via PHPMYADMIN

Thursday, 8. November 2012

A little snippet for resetting a mysql root password via phpmyadmin

UPDATE mysql.USER SET Password=PASSWORD('password') WHERE USER='root';

RESET Mysql Root Password In LAMPP or XAMPP

Sunday, 30. September 2012

If you are reading this, chances are you have either lost or forgotten your mysql root password and definitely in need of help!

OK – this solution assumes you have access to your Lampp installation files.

- Go to your config file: lampp/etc/my.cnf 
- Open the file and look for text: [mysqld]
- Under it, insert text: skip-grant-tables
- Restart MySQL

Now access your phpmyadmin: localhost/phpmyadmin. You should be able to log in without the need of password

You can now change/reset the root password to something else:

UPDATE mysql.USER SET Password='new_password' WHERE USER='root'