How To Delete Specific Website URLs From Google Chrome History

Wednesday, 28. March 2012

If you ever wanted to delete specific website URLs from Google Chrome History these tips may help you achieve just that in no time!

– Open google chrome , then press Ctrl + h.

– From the list of History, search for your specific URLs to delete

– Now select all (Select top one, shift key and select bottom one to select all)

– Hit the remove selected button.

Life is good from there for you

Magento Store Urls – How to get Magento Store URLs programmatically

Thursday, 4. August 2011

Here is how to programmatically get some of the most common URLs for Magento store when developing with Magento

Magento Javascript Folder


Magento Index Page


Magento Media Folder


Magento Skin Folder


Magento Root


Magento Current Theme Folder

Returns something similar to: