Magento google sitemap generation on multistore setup

Friday, 15. February 2013

If you have tried to install/configure sitemaps for a multi-store magento installation on latest versions (1.6+) – you may have come across a situation where you could not create a file with a different name other than “sitemap.xml”

These changes are only available on latest version and I personally don’t understand the main reason behind it other than the fact that its probably easier for Search Bots?!

Anyway, to work around this problem – you will need to create your sitemaps on sub-folders and use your robots.txt file to communicate with bots on locations of your sitemap files.

You could have a folder structure such as this:


You then set up the sitemap.xml file to be generated to each sub-folder respectively of each store

And finally, define the locations on your robots.txt file as such

# Website Sitemap

Magento SEO – XML Sitemap For Google and Other search engines

Wednesday, 3. August 2011

Google and many major search engines can crawl your site for some useful information that can the be exposed to their search results.

The best way to share your store’s information with such crawlers is via the XML sitemap. The easiest way to provide a sitemap of your store to the search engines is probably through the use of robots.txt file.

The Sitemap directive of the robots.txt will help to direct the search engines to the location of the sitemap file for your store. Here is how the directive is specified inside the file.


You can also register the your store’s sitemap manually to search engines any time. You can register sitemaps to:

Google Webmaster tools
Yahoo! Site Explorer
Bing Webmaster Center

There is also a free Magento extension that may help automate manual submission to major search engines which can be found here XML sitemap submission