git: pull is not a git-command. See git –help

Wednesday, 7. November 2012

I have come across this error on my server

git: 'pull' is not a git-command. See 'git --help'
Did you mean this?

After some time of debugging, I came to realize the problem is actually due to missing files in git core folder for this current account

To solve this.. Run the following command on the terminal

git --exec-path

Make sure the path displayed exists on your current user account. If not, then copy the files from the account with Git installation that works perfectly to this user account. You will need to create that directory structure of course!


There was a problem with reindexing process – Magento

Thursday, 23. February 2012

For anyone working with Magento, I am sure you have come across There was a problem with reindexing process error at least once in your life time using Magento.

As you can tell, the error is not always very explicit on what the issues is and more than often its because MySQL database has encountered an error and could not proceed with the process.

Best way I have found to deal with this is get a bit more information is to run the PHP shell script for re-indexing the database that comes with your Magento install. This will throw detailed message to you on what went wrong!

Open your command line tool and navigate to the root of your Magento site (htdocs or publich_html etc) and type this commend.

php shell/indexer.php reindexall

Sit back and observe!