Open folder or file as Administrator in Ubuntu – Nautilus GKSU command.

Wednesday, 30. May 2012

How to open file or folder as administrator in Ubuntu from a context menu can be quite handy.

Follow these steps in order to add the “Open As Administrator” option on your context menu

First you will need to download the gksu file. Navigate to your home folder and run this


Next, copy the file to nautilus folder

sudo cp /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-3.0/

Then run this command to start things off.

killall nautilus

Now you should be able to right click on folders or files and see the “Open as Administrator” option.

If you can’t see anything, you may want to log out or restart your machine and try again.


Ubuntu – Nautilus Open Folder in Terminal – Terminal Quick Launch

Wednesday, 3. August 2011

One of the cool little extensions I like on ubuntu is the nautilus open in terminal.

The extension allows you to right click on the folder and Open it in terminal! Super!

Here is the command you will need to install it:

sudo aptitude install nautilus-open-terminal

Log out and log back in again and enjoy the “right clicks”!