Magento vs Persistent Shopping Cart – Magento Supported Feature out of the box!

Saturday, 20. August 2011

If you have been following the various stages of Magento release you would have noticed that from now, Magento do support Persistent Shopping Cart out of the box!

To most store owners Persistent Shopping Cart will bring smile to their faces and if you have been wondering how on earth this was not supported much earlier, wonder no more!

Persistent Shopping Cart.

what is it after all?

Well, to answer this shortly, Persistent Shopping Cart allows customer’s shopping carts to be persisted or saved across sessions.

What this means is that, Imagine a customer has added a few items in the shopping cart and then gets an emergency to attend to before finishing her checkout process. Under the current settings the session will preserve her contents for a short period of time before it expires and looses all the cart settings.

When the customer returns the next day for example, she will have to add the items to the cart all over again and usually while cursing your system, a lot!! (We have all done this!)

With Persistent Shopping Cart, when she returns tomorrow to her laptop and goes to your website again, all her contents will be right there waiting for her to finalize the checkout process. In fact, Magento will support persistence for customers across user sessions, browsers and devices.

I think this is fantastic! Can you imagine how many happy customers you will make and most importantly how many abandoned shopping carts you are going to save?

Obviously this is not the ultimate solution to your shopping cart abandonment issues (Yes, I am sure you have them!) but it can help save those few ones which were abandoned simply because a customer was pissed off and couldn’t be asked to “re-fill” the cart again.

Persistent Shopping Cart by diagram

Magento Persistent Shopping Cart
Note: The user must log in once per browser/device combination to establish persistent shopping

Quoting MagentoThe user will not be able to complete the checkout process or access account information unless they are officially logged in. Persistent shopping cart is completely configurable by merchants, provides an additional way for the merchant to strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty and helps increase conversion rates.

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