Magento showing ‘special price’ even though no rule is active

Thursday, 20. October 2011

I have had a strange issue today on Magento – all products were showing a Special Price even though all catalogprice rules were inactive and there was no special prices set for any of the products!

Even after deleting all the rules there completely, the special price never went away.

After a bit of digging I realized the table catalogrule_product_price on the database still had rows and rows of data even though there was no rules on the system.

So I did what you might have guessed – backed the table up and trancate all row!

Back to the site and WOOP WOOOP, special prices were all gone! Completely GONE!

Happy day at the office in the end and hope this may help you.

I don’t see to find this to be an issue on later versions but certainly on older ones prior to 1.5. However, I will not hesitate to do the same should I encounter the same problem on 1.6!

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