Magento SagePay Orphaned Transactions : What are they and What do They Mean?

Monday, 22. August 2011

Magento SagePay Orphaned Transactions:

what are they and why are they there in the first place? You may learn something from this post!

I have always wondered myself why and what these messages do mean and most importantly, do they have any negative effect on client’s sites?

After a bit of digging, I came to narrow it down to a number of points:

1) This seems to be (but not limited to) SagePay Direct protocol.

2) These are simply informational reports rather than errors on your page or SagePay. It simply SagePay trying to be useful and informational to you by being causing a little confusion!

The reason why this happens in the first place is that by default all transactional requests to SagePay (especially with SagePay Direct protocol) will always return an OK response on the very first attempt.

Locally, SagePay will create and hold an orphan child and wait for the final order completion to process the final payments and then update this orphan record to complete or processing etc.

Now if for any reason the customer did not complete the order successfully, these orphan records remains on the system and SagePay will then notify you about them suggesting there is transactions happened but there is no order associated with them.

So, personally I will probably not loose any sleep on these but rather on finding our why customers choose not to complete their order and how to minimize shopping cart abandonment.

Drop a comment if you have any more insights on this and/or if you would like to suggest something more interesting!

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