Magento Index Management – catalogsearch_fulltext table crashed and needs repairing

Saturday, 30. July 2011

If you have been running Magento’s index management and suddenly came across this error like I did, here is a quick and nice solution that will help you.

Use PhpMyadmin or MySql Query analyser

You will need access to your database to perform this solution. You can also use your favorite GUI DB interface if you want.

1) Connect to your database.

2) Because catalogsearch_fulltext is a MyISAM type table, you can use this query (you can change options are you see fit) and replace table_name to your table name. Then Run

-- Syntax: REPAIR TABLE table_name [,table2, table3 ...] [options]
REPAIR TABLE table_name;

Available options are

QUICK – It’s the quick way and data file is not modified.

USE_FRM – If for some reason the .MYI is missing or corapted and the plan REPAIR TABLE query fails, you can add this option so MySql can rebuild the indexes for you.

EXTENDED – I will use this as a very last resort. This option will try to repair every single row it comes across with and in the end, it may result to some Gibraltar stuff on your table!

Click this link to learn more about: REPAIR TABLE

From a command line utility

There are also commands to run on your terminal if so preferred. I will not outline exactly how to do this but there is a more useful information already on the following links.

myisamchkClick here to learn more

mysqlcheckClick here to learn more.

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