Magento google sitemap generation on multistore setup

Friday, 15. February 2013

If you have tried to install/configure sitemaps for a multi-store magento installation on latest versions (1.6+) – you may have come across a situation where you could not create a file with a different name other than “sitemap.xml”

These changes are only available on latest version and I personally don’t understand the main reason behind it other than the fact that its probably easier for Search Bots?!

Anyway, to work around this problem – you will need to create your sitemaps on sub-folders and use your robots.txt file to communicate with bots on locations of your sitemap files.

You could have a folder structure such as this:


You then set up the sitemap.xml file to be generated to each sub-folder respectively of each store

And finally, define the locations on your robots.txt file as such

# Website Sitemap

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