Magento Africa : Taking Magento To Afrikans!

Wednesday, 7. September 2011

Well, we are starting something great in Africa and Magento Africa is definitely some project to be involved with!

It has been in my mind for sometime now and I think it’s about time to get things rolling. Africa as we know is one of them places slowly getting up to speed and despite all the odds, e-commerce is another new big things that’s slowly but surely getting into the area.

In my opinion, this could not come at a better time when Magento platform is still free, widely available and supported. There are many things to be done to get the entire nation on song with things online, but I am convinced now is the time to get the point across.

Magento Africa is still at early stages and contributions, ideas and any support in relation to the subject is definitely welcome so if you are reading this and want to get involved, please drop a comment or contact me today to discuss further.

Many thanks for reading..

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