Magento Admin Login Failure – Can not login to Magento Admin Page

Saturday, 30. July 2011

I have recently come across what appeared to be a rather strange issue that I never seen before.

Basically, I did move the site from a client’s server to out develepment environment and everything seemed to be OK. The moment i tried to login to the admin page, the page was simply not doing anything. No errors, No warnings! Just seemed to try to redirect and fails.

After a little head-scratching moments, I realized it was the cookies that were causing the indecency!

Basically, the client did specify the cookie domains to use for his admin login and since my development domain didn’t match, I simply couldn’t login.

To resolve the issue (the easy way i think) is to connect to MySql database using either PhpMyadmin or Mysql Query analyzer and look for the config_data table

Search for all paths with “cookie” data – something like this.

SELECT * FROM `core_config_data` WHERE `path` LIKE '%cookie%'

Remove the domain entries. All should be good to go now.

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