HowTo Change Default Search Engine For Firefox Browser

Monday, 19. September 2011

As many may know, while using FireFox it is possible to search stuff directly from the address bar. Simply type your search term where the URL usually appears and press the Enter key. You will be taken directly to the search engine set by default in your Firefox configurations.

If you ever want to change this to something else such as for example, simply follow the following tips

1) Open Firefox and type about:config in the Address bar and then press the enter key.
2) If you have never been here before you may have to promise you are going to be careful!
3) In the filter field enter and search for keyword.url.
4) Double click on this entry. It will open a dialog box where you can edit the URL for your preferred search engine. Please see the screenshot for more details.
5) Once, done the changes will automatically be applied on so there is no manual saving!

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