How to View Cookies Generated By Site/Request in Firefox

Wednesday, 6. June 2012

If you are wondering how easy will it be to find cookies generated by the site you are visiting, Firefox addon HttpFox could be the tool you want for just that.

Installing HttpFox

– Start Your FireFox browser
– Navigate to Tools > Add-ons
– On the new window, search HttpFox and click install. Now restart FireFox when the install completes
– Now, open the HttpFox window by navigating to: Tools > HttpFox > Toggle HttpFox
– In the new window click ‘Start’.

Back to you browser now type the URL of the website you want to visit.

– Click the ‘Cookies’ tab – Don’t worry, it is supposed to be blank at this stage!!
– Now from the list of all requests you can see above, click on any request line and no observe the cookie tab. You should see a list of cookies and descriptions for it.

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