Google base feeds shipping attribute Specification

Tuesday, 24. April 2012

Google now requires we submit delivery for UK feeds for each product. If your feeds have recently failed this may well be one reason for this.

To comply there are two ways you can achieve this submission with your future feeds.

1) Specify Delivery in your Google Merchant account.
You can also specify a general delivery cost/infromation in your Google Merchant Account. You can learn more here

2) Add Delivery Information with Google Base feeds
You can add another column in your feeds file called “shipping” and specify shipping costs for each product.

This attribute provides the specific shipping estimate for the product. Providing this attribute for an item overrides the global shipping settings you defined in your Google Merchant Center settings.

This attribute has four sub-attributes:

country (required): The country to which an item will be delivered (as an ISO 3166 country code). The default value for this sub-attribute is your feed’s target country.

region (optional): The geographical region to which a delivery rate applies, e.g. in the US, the two-letter state abbreviation, ZIP code or ZIP code range, using * wildcard.

service (optional): The name of the shipping method.

price (required): Fixed delivery price.

You can include this attribute up to 100 times per item to specify shipping cost for individual regions. If you decide to submit it explicitly for each part of the country, make sure to cover each region or to specify if the item has free shipping.

Learn More About Google Product Feeds (GB/EU) Here!

Hope this helps you!

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