Magento Fatal Error : Call to undefined method Mage_Customer_Model_Entity_Attribute_Collection ::addFilterToMap()

Saturday, 23. July 2011

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If you ever come across this annoying error while upgrading Magento from 1.4.* to latest versions the issues can be resolved by overwriting these classes

1) Mage_Sales_Model_Mysql4_Order_Collection /*Fixes issue on the backend*/

2) Mage_Eav_Model_Mysql4_Entity_Attribute_Collection /*Fixes the issue on basket page*/

and add the following script to each

public function addFilterToMap($filter, $alias)
	if (!is_array($this->_mappedFields)) {
		$this->_mappedFields = array();
	$this->_mappedFields[$filter] = $alias;
	return $this;
public function _getMappedField($field)
	if (!isset($this->_mappedFields[$field])) {
		return $field;
	return $this->_mappedFields[$field];

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