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Wednesday, 29. May 2013

Is your business culture and personality interesting and stand out from its competitors?

If you answered yes or no, then you need to check out Qo-Go.

It’s the newly innovated social business directory helping interesting business promote and advocate their values, business culture and personality online like never before.

Unlike many business directories out there, Qo-Go attracts interesting businesses. It provides a platform for people around the world to learn and discover interesting facts about businesses, inner culture and core values of businesses they deal with everyday, easily.

As a business directory people will get to find out about your contact details, a bit of reviews and recommendations – but the platform goes a step further to ensure your businesses promote more than just “about us” text and more about activities that make your business unique, interesting and stand out online

It is also an opportunity for businesses to connect with people (their customers or service users) and other businesses on a personal level.

A chance to share social signals with each other and a place where business people really gets to go social and showcase their true values that makes them — well, them!

Don’t wait much longer – get your business registered on Qo-Go today and show everyone why you are the best and how interesting your business culture and values really are!

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