About Zone-Connect

Welcome to Zone-Connect TM

– Premier solutions for your eCommerce and Collaboration needs

We are a UK based software company established in 2009 and specializes in designing and developing web-based collaboration and eCommerce solutions for
small to big businesses across the world.

The company comprises of a small but dedicated and hard working team who are passionate about the web and the complexity demands of software applications in mass usage environments.

Zone-Connect$tmsymbol is rooted under the notion of openness and excellence.

Our excellence in eCommerce solutions starts by choosing the right platform for your business. In today’s eCommerce industry we mean Magento – The worlds most popular and approved open source platform to meet your online business needs.

Our team has extensive experience in developing eCommerce solutions powered by Magento. We always strive to excel in every Magento project we take on board regardless
of its size or magnitude. We guarantee to keep you on board from the day we start working on your project and guide you all the way through to the day of your first sell!

Through our collaboration solutions, we strongly believe business or organisations have the need to bring people together
and operate or collaborate as one in order to achieve the full potential of its goals.

We imagine the world where social inclusion in business environment means potential. Constant communication a must.
Security, privacy and total control over your environment a necessity.
And finally having an affordable and reliable solution for your business’ collaboration needs, regardless of location, the core to your day to day activities.

Therefore, we produce solutions that are readily available and easily configured to run online or at the comfort of your own secured closed network where total control remain in your hands!

If you would like to send us a feedback or to contact us with any query please use one of the contact details above.