How To Add Applets To the Various Panels In Ubuntu 11.10

Wednesday, 30. May 2012

In order to add applets to various panels in Ubuntu 11.10

1) Hold down Alt key and Right Click on the panel.

2) You should not be able to see the normal Panel menu i.e Add to panel, properties etc

You can now take things from there as you would in old versions.

For normal gnome-classic (with effects) users, you actually have to hold Meta + Alt + Right Click.

Open folder or file as Administrator in Ubuntu – Nautilus GKSU command.

Wednesday, 30. May 2012

How to open file or folder as administrator in Ubuntu from a context menu can be quite handy.

Follow these steps in order to add the “Open As Administrator” option on your context menu

First you will need to download the gksu file. Navigate to your home folder and run this


Next, copy the file to nautilus folder

sudo cp /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-3.0/

Then run this command to start things off.

killall nautilus

Now you should be able to right click on folders or files and see the “Open as Administrator” option.

If you can’t see anything, you may want to log out or restart your machine and try again.


Can’t Add Products To Shopping Cart Or Login To Admin Page IE and Chrome

Wednesday, 30. May 2012

I have had rather strange ordeal this morning when a customer reported that all of a sudden no one seemed to be able to add products to Magento shopping cart or log in to admin panel using Chrome or IE. However over to Firefox world, things seemed to be working as they should

After double checking with the hosting guys, we realized there was a power cut the night before! That was good enough reason to base all the investigation on what could have possibly go wrong as there hasn’t been any changes to the site that could have possibly cause this behaviour

Server Time Our Of Date
After some time looking around, we finally noticed the server time is actually one hour behind! Ahaa! So this could explain one scenario, all the seesion cookies that were being created could have been out of date already before they even function!

So we changed the server time and WOOT WOOT, things started to work as they should!

Hope this helps someone out there with similar problems.


Remove Billing Agreements and Recurring Profiles My Account Dashboard

Tuesday, 8. May 2012

Easier way to remove these links from My account page in Magento is to use the custom layout.xml files as shown below

You will need to Add these layout.xml file to your current theme.

app/design/frontend/[your theme]/layout/sales/billing_agreement.xml
app/design/frontend/[your theme]/layout/sales/recurring_profile.xml

with the content:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<layout version="0.1.0">

Make sure you clear your cache before changes can take place.


Magento Online Customers Showing Local IP Address

Sunday, 6. May 2012

Came across this problem where Magento’s online customers are all showing local ip address of After a bit of investigating, the problem was due to the fact that the web server was behind a proxy server.

To get around this problem, Magento has a solution (seen on local.xml.additional file) and all you need to do is add this snippet code below to your current local.xml file inside the global tags.


Remember to refresh the cache for the changes to take effect then re-visit the online customers again.